About Us

Who We Are

We created BLUE MCA by combining marketing science, modern art, and retail and wholesale business experience.
From the very beginning, our concern has been to solve the problem of hiring specialized labor and reducing the high costs of having a marketing department for companies.
Thanks to the presence of experienced, committed and motivated experts in the Blue team, we are able to identify and solve problems related to the marketing department of companies and also meet the advertising needs of small and large companies.
Our team of leaders come from diverse backgrounds in marketing, international business, art, media, and technology.
What they share with you is experience, trust, accountability and dedication to fostering the empowerment in marketing field, that leads to incredible results.
Our priority is the success of companies by providing the best and most creative ways of working and advertising services.

Our mission:
Is it expensive, challenging and arduous to organize and form a marketing department?
Recall that not every business is required to have its own marketing department!
Nowadays, outsourcing is one of the efficient ways for companies to reduce their costs, which of course has some weaknesses that may cause a waste of time and money.
Our concern since the beginning of establishment BLUE MCA is to provide marketing services and reduce the high costs of hiring specialized labor from its start to completion.
To achieve this aim, we formed a team of experts in marketing, advertising, art, business and technology with the intention that we can meet all the necessities and expectations that you have from your marketing department with a much lower cost and much higher quality.
In this era when people’s culture, tastes, needs and thoughts are rapidly changing, to enter the market or increase the sale of goods and services, only the quality of goods or services is not sufficient.
The first and most significant step is to analyze the market, evaluate the position of goods or services in the market, and also identify other producers of similar goods or services.
The next important step is to know the target market and potential customers of the product or service.
By researching and collecting the required data and then analyzing them accurately, the target consumer group and future customers are determined and classified.
This will significantly reduce advertising costs.
In accordance with the obtained information, the best strategy will be used to become aware of the brand to the greatest extent, attract customers and increase sales.
In the next step, based on the principles of digital marketing and environmental marketing, advertising platforms such as websites and social media pages are created and designed.
Creating and updating attractive, targeted and efficient content on these platforms, as well as running campaigns will lead to more and more brand awareness and also increase brand fans and company customers.
To succeed in reaching marketing goals; Deeper and faster interaction with customers should be created.
By using the knowledge, art, experience, creativity and ambition of our leaders, we are able to accomplish all these missions for our business friends.

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